Front-end Web Developer

Amarello Branding

Amarello accessories photoshoot

Brand identity, RRSS and marketing design for Amarello – a Venezuelan accessories brand. Located in Caracas, the brand represents the wild nature of this country.

I had the pleasure of developing the new visual identity for the brand. Inspired by the nature rich heritage, I wanted to capture the energy of the accessories so unique. The challenge was to create an authentic brand that brought the wild and pure of the nature, and the feminity together. I achieved this by using a full color palette, which represents the million of colors the nature have, combined with a delicate and feminine calligraphic typography, allowing us to make an flexible identity.

Packaging design and gift envelopes for display in stores, and delivery.

Photo shoot of all accessories for the online catalog, development of RRSS icons and identity, and management of the different accounts. Design of online stores like Sucucho in Venezuela, and Etsy for worldwide.