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DIVA magazine

DIVA magazine Portada

For the editorial design subject in the Nueva Esparta University I designed a magazine titled DIVA. Inspired on the ELLE's magazine design, it has a very elegant color palette based in bright red and black, with a very minimalistic design. The pages are always identified with the magazine name and section.

On the cover I decided to place a photo of Crystal Renn, an American fashion model and author which I admire so much, and because I consider that picture is very attractive for a fashion magazine cover. In the inside I include articles that not only talk about commercial fashion, but about the real fashion we consume everyday, including a little bio of some of the most fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel. It also contain some information of where to study fashion in Caracas and how to start to be a fashion designer. Like all the magazines, it has to have advertising, so I included fictitious advertising designs.

24 pages
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