Front-end developer

Food CUBE app

Food CUBE iPad Magazine app for iOS with DPS

During the Postgraduate Degree in Digital Editions I'd learnt to develop a digital magazine with Adobe's DPS (Digital Publishing System) for iPad, using Adobe InDesign to create the layout and include all the text and media, and some plugins developed with Edge Animate to make extra functions that doesn't can be done in InDesign.

Along the postgraduate we were developing our own magazine to present as final project, as we were learning about to do so.

In Barcelona I was living in a student residence where there wasn't to much space to stock food, so to not be going all the days to the supermarket I had to learn to cook different plates with the same ingredients. Because of that I've the great idea to develop a food magazine titled Food Cube, where I develop step by step different recipes with ingredients in common. Also I wrote some dish stories like the tipical spanish Torrijas for Easter, and the art of fishing hakes in the mediterranean sea.

For the name and logo design I was inspired to how I've too stock the food in the residence kitchen, it was a little cube shape space, too small for people like me who love to cook, where all the food was a little compressed to make fit. That's why the 'Cube' word looks cut, because it can't fit in the cube. I selected a fresh color palette composed of aquamarine, white and dark gray. For the typography I choose Roboto light, bold and regular variations; Roboto Slab Bold and regular; and Pacific Northwest which is a calligraphic font that I used for the cover of the different 'chapter' illustrations.